CubeSats integration in Toulouse

3U Cubesat is being inserted into a P-POD (black, metal box). The photo shows the Organism/Organic Exposure to Orbital Stresses satellite, which was launched into orbit a year ago. Photo: NASA.

In recent days, the PW-Sat has been transported from ESTEC (Netherlands) to Toulouse (France), where the final integration of all satellites will take place. Yesterday the official measurement of the satellites were performed. PW-Sat dimensions fulfilled the ESA requirements perfectly, thus placing the satellite in the P-POD should be nothing more than just a formality.

Design and construction of satellites so that the dimensions correspond to the expectations is not a trivial task, as it may seem at a first glance. During yesterday’s measurements it turned out that one of the cubesat teams has built a satellite which is… a slightly to big – now it does not fit a P-POD. This unfortunately eliminated the satellite from participating in the mission.

The final list of satellites to be flown aboard Vega will be announced soon.

About Dominik Roszkowski

The vicecoordinator of PW-Sat2 project and astronautics hobbyist. In spare time enjoys Kerbal Space Program.
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