PW-Sat2 to be launched into space in Q4 2017

Zespół PW-Sat2 po podpisaniu kontraktu na wyniesienie satelity w kosmos. Fot. Katarzyna Ciechowska (PW-Sat2)

PW-Sat2 team after the press conference announcing the launch into orbit. Phot. Katarzyna Ciechowska (PW-Sat2)

We are pleased to announce that on October 26, 2016 we have signed a contract with Innovative Space Logistics B.V. to launch our satellite PW-Sat2 into orbit. It will be launched on-board Falcon 9 in Q4 2017.

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on

The press release, photographs and visualizations are available below.

PW-Sat2 wins second prize in Deorbit Device Competition

The representation of PW-Sat2 team participated in Deorbit Device Competition, which took place during the UNISEC-Global Meeting. We are glad to inform that PW-Sat2’s deorbit sail won the second place, gaining committee’s and participants’ recognition and applaud.

Once again we would like to thank the Embassy of Poland in Sofia for support during our travel to the conference. We are also grateful to the Dean of The Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering for financing our stay in Bulgaria.

Reprezentacja zespołu PW-Sat2 podczas Deorbit Device Competition w 2016 r. w Bułgarii.

Representation of PW-Sat2 team during 2016’s Deorbit Device Competition in Bulgaria.

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Deorbit Sail at Deorbit Device Competition

Prototyp żagla deorbitacyjnego wraz z modelem satelity PW-Sat2

Prototyp żagla deorbitacyjnego wraz z modelem satelity PW-Sat2

We’re happy to announce the next success of PW-Sat2 team. We are one of the finalists of the international Deorbit Device Competition. The finals will take place on October 20, 2016 during The Fourth UNISEC-Global Meeting in Bulgaria.

Deorbit Device Competition (DDC) is the international contest organized to facilitate the sharing of innovative solutions for debris mitigation and developing effective deorbit devices that can be demonstrated and validated with CubeSats.

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Cooperation with ABM Space


In the beginnings of August 2016 we started a cooperation with ABM Space – company located in Toruń (Poland) focused on development of software and control systems for robots and rovers used in planetary analogues. The company decided to support us in testing the algorithm for attitude determination and control system (ADCS) of our satellite. The software for this module in major part has been designed and developed by PW-Sat2 project members, this it is crucial to perform overall and detailed tests of its functionality. Together with the specialists of ABM Space we hope to find and eliminate potential errors in the module operation and to provide safety of satellite’s mission.

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