PW-Sat2 gets 180 000 € to fund the launch

We are very pleased to announce that PW-Sat2 project has been granted with 180 000 € bailout. We are grateful to Ministry of Science and Hihger Education for this New Year gift. Funds will be used to finance PW-Sat2 satellite launch into space. Money has been transferred to European Space Agency, in a form of increased contribution, paid by Ministry of Development. Then it shall come to us, as monetary means, in a frame of PECS program.

Funds come from international, scientific cooperation program budget and, in part, from means intended to finance contributions for international organizations and institutes.

Część zespołu PW-Sat2 podczas warsztatów z firmą Piasecka&Żylewicz 10 stycznia 2016

Part of the PW-Sat2 team during the workshop with Piasecka&Żylewicz on 9 Jan 2016

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PW-Sat2 and SKA representatives in Rome

We’ve been invited to the Polish Embassy in Rome recently. On November 24 we had a chance to take part in the official Copernicus programme meeting and to listen to few presentations regarding Polish and Italian participance in the largest ESA’s Earth observation programme. The same day in the morning we met with the CubeSat team from La Sapienza University.

Na pierwszym planie nasz nowo wydrukowany przez Rapid Crafting model 3D PW-Sata2.

Rapid Crafting’s newly printed 3D model of PW-Sat2.

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Summary of PW-Sat project – the first Polish satellite

One year ago – on October 28, 2014 our previous satellite PW-Sat deorbited and burned in the upper layers of Earth’s atmosphere. It went to space in February 2012 and was supposed to open its 1 meter long deorbit tail. Unfortunately, we lost communication and we were unable to open the tail. We encourage you to read a story of our previous project – PW-Sat – on our University’s blog. Just click the image below.


Our representation at International Astronautical Congress 2015

Przedstawiciele PW-Sata2 na IAC 2015. Od lewej Inna Uwarowa - koordynator projektu, Ewelina Ryszawa - lider zespołu DT, Artur Łukasik - wicekoordynator projektu.

Representation of PW-Sat2 at IAC 2015
From left – Inna Uwarowa, Project Coordinator, Ewelina Ryszawa, Deployment Team leader, Artur Łukasik, Project vice coordinator

Jerusalem is hosting one of the most important events … the International Astronautical Congress IAC 2015. Among numerous lectures and presentations there are two ones important for us, the PW-Sat2 team.

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We are looking for 250 000 euro for PW-Sat2 space launch

PW-Sat2 z otwartymi panelami słonecznymi. Autor renderu: Marcin Świetlik

PW-Sat2 with solar panels open. Author: Marcin Świetlik

Our project – PW-Sat2 – has come a long way since 2013 when the work started and we created our initial assumptions. When we look at our ideas from the beginnings of 2013 we smile at how amitious plan we had for PW-Sat2. Lately, we have finished the design phase and finished tweaking the technical documentation and now it is time to start testing the satellite. Of course, we have performed various smaller tests previously. However, what is ahead of us is much more complicated. We are just past the midpoint of our work and it is a good time to find the funds needed for the start. We need approximately €250 000.

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