Deorbit Sail at Deorbit Device Competition

Prototyp żagla deorbitacyjnego wraz z modelem satelity PW-Sat2

Prototyp żagla deorbitacyjnego wraz z modelem satelity PW-Sat2

We’re happy to announce the next success of PW-Sat2 team. We are one of the finalists of the international Deorbit Device Competition. The finals will take place on October 20, 2016 during The Fourth UNISEC-Global Meeting in Bulgaria.

Deorbit Device Competition (DDC) is the international contest organized to facilitate the sharing of innovative solutions for debris mitigation and developing effective deorbit devices that can be demonstrated and validated with CubeSats.

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We are looking for 250 000 euro for PW-Sat2 space launch

PW-Sat2 z otwartymi panelami słonecznymi. Autor renderu: Marcin Świetlik

PW-Sat2 with solar panels open. Author: Marcin Świetlik

Our project – PW-Sat2 – has come a long way since 2013 when the work started and we created our initial assumptions. When we look at our ideas from the beginnings of 2013 we smile at how amitious plan we had for PW-Sat2. Lately, we have finished the design phase and finished tweaking the technical documentation and now it is time to start testing the satellite. Of course, we have performed various smaller tests previously. However, what is ahead of us is much more complicated. We are just past the midpoint of our work and it is a good time to find the funds needed for the start. We need approximately €250 000.

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Last weeks summary at PW-Sat2 project

Phase B is nearly finished and all teams are working very hard in order to meet the deadlines. But thanks to this, we estimate that the actual phase will be finished at the end of March.


3D printed model of PW-Sat2’s structural elements. Huge thanks to Rapid Crafting for their help!

The progress is proceeding smoothly forward. Many teams have already finished their work and started writing the documentation. Few others are still in the middle of their work – unfortunately, this is the nature of the sequence of the project progress. Nonetheless, the most important achievements of this phase are:

  • Design of new shape of the pin and solar panels hinges
  • During most recent tests we managed to fold the sail – of an area equal to 4m2 – to the diameter of 90mm!
  • Design of the Sun sensor prototype and its test stand
  • Design of the electric power system (EPS) and on-board computer (OBC) – software is still under development
  • We managed to register the radio wave frequency which we will use to communicate with PW-Sat2!
  • New satellite structure design was created due to the constantly changing requirements of other components. It is the main reason why configuration team is still struggling with its tasks
  • Also new thermal model was prepared together with the first analysis – the risk is quite low, but unfortunately not for all possible cases!
  • Additionally, a statistical analysis of the sail influence over time of deorbitation was conducted – we have high hopes :)

We have already in plans further tests and development of the already existing designes and prototypes, although they are estimated for phase C.

Additionally, PW-Sat2 team is very active in media and educational field. During last few months we were invited to the Radio ‘Czwórka’, Radio ‘Kampus’ and ‘Radio dla Ciebie’. There were also few articles about the project in mainsteam newspaper. We also organized few lectures for middle school, high school and even university. Thanks to the mentioned activities, the number of team members increased twice (!) and we obtained support of many private companies!

See you at the end of phase B!

PW-Sat2: deorbitation animation

We’re very happy to present our new animation of PW-Sat2 sail unwinding and deorbitation made by our team-member Marcin Świetlik. Please, share it and if you have any questions – ask here or on facebook.
Here you may find more of the PW-Sat2 mockups/renders. Feel free to share them with giving credits to PW-Sat2/Marcin Świetlik.

Short summary of Phase A

Vacations, vacations… but our project is still going on – further tests were performed, new elements were ordered and every day new lines of code are written. In April we’ve finished preparing documentation summarizing Phase A of building the satellite – it means, that both mission assumptions and concept of design, or even some prototypes, are prepared and evidenced. On Documentation page of this website You can find a document called Preliminary Requirements Review – both in English and Polish. For the astute readers, who would find any mistake or inexactness, please do not hesitate to contact us. Further news about the project You can find down below.


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