The PW-Sat is preparing a special QSL cards for all radioamateurs who helped in receiving data. Please be patient and look forward for QSL's:).

What is the PW-Sat?

PW-Sat is the first Polish satellite. It is an initiative of the students of Warsaw University of Technology (in Polish - Politechnika Warszawska, therefore "PW" in the satellites' name) working within Students' Space Association and Student Space Engineering Scientific Group. Final construction phase was performed in cooperation with Space Research Center of Polish Academy of Sciences. The project was started in 2004 when a group of students decided to undertake unusual challenge to design and build complete satellite from scratch. Nobody else achieved that before in Poland. It has been decided that the satellite will be a CubeSat type and its mission would be a test of the deorbitation technique and innovative solar panels.
More information about the project you can find at

PW-Sat for radioamateurs

The PW-Sat team would like to invite you to participate in the earliest phase of the communication with the satellite. We would like you to create an user account and share the telemetry you receive. Thanks to it we will be able to analyze the status of our satellite and we will share the status with you and other people.
Please remember that you are participating in the earliest phase of the PW-Sat life in orbit. So all information on this web page and the software will still be updated.

How to do that?

Step 1

In the section "User account" you should put all of the data which we require. It will not be used for commercial purposes, just only for the PW-Sat mission. Thank to it we will know who and when uploaded the telemetry and who should be credited for it.

Step 2

In the section "PW-Sat GS Software" you can download the beta version of our software for the PW-Sat GS. It shall be used to receive the telemetry. The User Manual for the PW-Sat GS Software is in the section about it.

Step 3

In the section "Add your telemetry" you can add your telemetry which the PW-Sat GS Software created. We will receive it and give you a feedback as soon as possible.

Step 4

If you want to check whether your received telemetry has been added you should go to the section "List of received telemetry". There is a list of all radioamateurs who sent us data. You can sort it by name, quantity of receiving sessions and country.

What's next?

On this page you are now we will upload more technical information as soon as possible.
Please follow to find out news about project.