The PW-Sat is preparing a special QSL cards for all radioamateurs who helped in receiving data. Please be patient and look forward for QSL's:).

PW-Sat GS Software - introduction

The PW-Sat GS Software has been created using the ISIS's module for receiving the telemetry. It has been written in Java, so it can be easily used in different environments. The software includes data base which allows to review and filter all received data. The telemetry is saved in RAW files (before parsing it) and in text files after translation.

How to use it? - User Manual

This is the first version of the User Manual.

Step 1

Before you begin looking for the PW-Sat's signal, you should download the software. It is available here:

This is the early version of the GS software for radioamateurs. Some of boxes show unproper values - don't worry. There are more boxes, because this software will be used in next missions. We would like to have a feedback from you. Please share it to us by e-mail. Thank you!

Step 2 - Main window description

Unpack the downloaded file to any folder you want. After unpacking the file, it is a time to run it. Run the file named "PWSatGS.jar" (if necessary use java run mashine). You will see the window similar to this one below:

In this window you can see three windows. From the left there is the main panel with the status of all subsystems of the PW-Sat. This is translated telemetry. The window on the right presents the log file (after parsing) which is currently being processed. These are only the latest entries. The window on the bottom is the most important one. There you can configure the source of the sound. The audio device currently used for receiving radio signal should be selected. Below you can find the floating bar. The telemetry is being acquired when the label "No sync" is changed to the green "Sync" label. In other case you will not able to receive the telemetry. To have a green "Sync" you should tune your radio to the proper radio frequency with paying attention to the Doppler effect.

Step 3 - Where is the telemetry saved?

Every time you run the PW_Sat GS Software it creates a new directory (each day) and new raw and log files. They are located in the directory logs/YYYY/M/DD, where YYYY is a year (for example 2012), M is a month (for example 2 - which is February), DD is a day (for example 23 - which is 23rd Feb.).
Inside this directory you can find at least two files (as mentioned before, everytime you run the software, it creates new files) named as follow logPWsat_YYYY_MM_DD_hh_mm_ss.txt and rawLogYYYY_MM_DD_hh_mm_ss.txt, where hh is a hour, mm is a minute, ss is a second. The rest of variables are the same as before. These two files are the most important for us - we ask you to send them to us through the form which is the section Add your telemetry.

Step 4 - Can I do something more with the software?

Yes, you can. At this version of the User Manual we did not described the rest of the functions of the PW-Sat GS Software. You can try to use the internal database to filter data by content and plot charts with filtered data. More about it in the next version of the User Manual.