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PW-Sat2 decayed – mission accomplished

As expected by the team, the PW-Sat2 satellite completed its mission after 813 days in orbit and as of February 23, 2021, it is considered to be deorbited. The satellite…


Radio Amateurs, thank you!

On tuesday, January 29 a month passed from the deorbit sail deployment and the beginning of the PW-Sat2 satellite’s main experiment. The deployment technology test turned out to be a…


PW-Sat2 deployed its deorbit sail!

Jedno z pierwszych zdjęć odebranych po otwarciu żagla. Zdjęcie przedstawia jedną z ćwiartek żagla.

Just a few minutes to 10:00 UTC on December 29th PW-Sat2 deployed its main experiment – 4 m2 deorbit sail. After 9:00 UTC team of operators, operating two mission ground…


Deployment of the deorbit sail planned for December 29

Prace nad żaglem deorbitacyjnym w Laboratorium Centralnym Cezamat PW. Fot. D. Roszkowski/PW-Sat2

PW-Sat2 satellite deorbit sail will be deployed sooner than we have initially planned. The original schedule of the mission assumed that the satellite’s deorbit system will be activated no later…


Deployment of deorbit sail soon

Since the start of the PW-Sat2 satellite’s mission on December 3, 2018, we have completed most of the planned tasks. The successful conduct of all the phases of the mission…


Few words about PW-Sat2 cameras

Publication of our Earth photos raised an incredible interest among our fans, especially in the comments section of our posts and articles. Many of you have pointed out the low…


Successful first phase of the PW-Sat2 satellite mission

The first stage of the satellite mission has been finished after 5 days and 30 communication sessions. During the aforementioned time, PW-Sat2 managed to check the operation of all basic…


PW-Sat2 took the first Polish satellite images of Earth

Pierwsze zdjęcie Ziemi wykonane przez satelitę PW-Sat2 5 grudnia 2018 ok. 10:40 UTC nad Europą (CC-BY-SA 4.0)

On the second day of its mission, on December 5 at 10:38 UTC, student satellite PW-Sat2 entered the field of vision of the ground station in Warsaw. The operators sent…


How to receive PW-Sat2 data from orbit?

Launch of the PW-Sat2 – 4th Polish satellite is expected to take place as soon as 19th November 2018! During its  40-day long mission PW-Sat2 will operate in amateur bands…


PW-Sat2 left Poland

In May 2018, the PW-Sat2 satellite, built by members of the Students’ Space Association WUT was fully integrated, tested and prepared for launch. Since then, it has been waiting in…