In the beginnings of August 2016 we started a cooperation with ABM Space – company located in Toruń (Poland) focused on development of software and control systems for robots and rovers used in planetary analogues. The company decided to support us in testing the algorithm for attitude determination and control system (ADCS) of our satellite. The software for this module in major part has been designed and developed by PW-Sat2 project members, this it is crucial to perform overall and detailed tests of its functionality. Together with the specialists of ABM Space we hope to find and eliminate potential errors in the module operation and to provide safety of satellite’s mission.

The Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS) is one of the most important subsystems of every satellite. In PW-Sat2 it will consist of set of gyroscopes, magnetotorquers located on the module circuit board and photodiodes distributed outside the satellite structure. It will enable us to stabilize rotational motion of the PW-Sat2 which is necessary to constantly point solar panels to the Sun. In case of any perturbations or control problems it shall set the satellite in the possibly safest attitude. Its work will be supported by the Sun Sensor that was designed by project members.