Prototyp żagla deorbitacyjnego wraz z modelem satelity PW-Sat2

Prototyp żagla deorbitacyjnego wraz z modelem satelity PW-Sat2

We’re happy to announce the next success of PW-Sat2 team. We are one of the finalists of the international Deorbit Device Competition. The finals will take place on October 20, 2016 during The Fourth UNISEC-Global Meeting in Bulgaria.

Deorbit Device Competition (DDC) is the international contest organized to facilitate the sharing of innovative solutions for debris mitigation and developing effective deorbit devices that can be demonstrated and validated with CubeSats.

The first part of our work was to prepare abstract with a system description and preliminary analysis of its effectiveness and robustness. Program Committee analyzed received project and selected 10 finalists that are going to meet during the finals. Among them there is PW-Sat2’s deorbit sail. Our project was assessed as a good proposal with high effectiveness, good technical design and supported with reliable analyses.

Not so long ago we finished our preparations to the next part of the contest. We wrote the article describing the deorbit sail project in details. We performed additional analysis of effectiveness and decay time for various cases of satellites and orbit configurations. They showed that our deorbit sail has a potential to be used on relatively large spectrum of pico- and nanosatellites on orbits up to 800 km altitude. We’ve already submitted our article and at the moment we are preparing to leave to Bulgaria.

The finalists of Deorbit Device Competition will meet on October 20, 2016 in Kamchia near Varna, Bulgaria during “The Fourth UNISEC-Global Meeting”. PW-Sat2 team will be represented by 6 members, including our coordinator Inna Uwarowa and team leaders of electronic and mechanical teams. Keep your fingers crossed!