We’re happy to inform that we are accepted to present the design of our deorbit sail during 9th European CubeSat Symposium that is going to take place in November in Belgium. Our abstract Deorbit Sail for the PW-Sat2 satellite – a low cost, low energy consumption and high efficiency system has just been accepted to 8th session devoted to future CubeSat technologies. The authors are Dominika Rafało – current Deployment Team leader, and Max Gawin – her deputy and manager of deorbit sail development. Currently, almost 20 people are involved in integration and tests of our deorbit sail – more than a half of the whole PW-Sat2 team.

We finished the design part of the deorbit sail and we are focused mostly on the improvement of the assembly procedure before integration with the satellite. This stage is planned to be completed by the end of August. We plan to have 5 flight models of the deorbit sail in September ready to be launched on-board PW-Sat2. In addition, by the end of the year we will test our deorbit sail inside Drop Tower in Bremen.

Arms of the PW-Sat2 deorbit sail. Credit: PW-Sat2

Arms of the PW-Sat2 deorbit sail. Credit: PW-Sat2

We seek for the support to allow our representatives to take part in the Symposium and present our final solution. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us at kontakt@pw-sat.pl.

PW-Sat team has already been twice on European CubeSat Symposium. The first time in 2012 during 4th edition of the conference with the presentation PW-Sat – the first Polish Satellite and the Technology Demonstrator for a new De-orbiting Concept. Its authors were Maciej Urbanowicz – the last coordinator of the PW-Sat project and prof. dr hab. inż. Piotr Wolański – the scientific supervisor of Students’ Space Association.

In 2013 during 5th Symposium our representatives Inna Uwarowa (current PW-Sat2 coordinator), Maciej Urbanowicz, and prof. dr hab. inż. Piotr Wolański presented the talk Lessons Learned in the PW-Sat Project. During this time the PW-Sat2 project has been starting.

Both presentations and abstracts are available on ECS website. Below you may find all three PW-Sat related abstracts.