We are glad to announce that the Warsaw University of Technology have established a cooperation withFuture Processing Sp. z o.o. and FP Instruments Sp. z o.o. that became the strategic partners of the PW-Sat2 project.

Programiści FP/FPI oraz koordynator projektu PW-Sat2 Inna Uwarowa podczas warsztatów w siedzibie firmy Future Processing.

FP/FPI developers and our coordinator Sat2 Inna Uwarowa during workshop at Future Processing HQ.

Future Processing Sp. z o.o. i FP Instruments Sp. z o.o. are companies operating in the software development industry. Besides that, FP Instruments provides design and production of electronic products. Both companies have considerable experience in their field of operations and highly skilled staff.

Thanks to this cooperation, PW-Sat2 have received the onboard computer CubeComputer V3 offered by ESL Stellenbosch University. This was a crucial element of PW-Sat2 project, which allowed the team to continue our work on the satellite.

In addition, our partners have offered to provide the project with a technical assistance. Experts from both companies support us in the development of software for onboard computer, which controls other subsystems of the satellite. On a regular basis we keep in long-distance contact, as well as meet on team workshops in Warsaw and Gliwice.

PW-Sat2 team have already been hosted several times in company headquarters in Gliwice. During our visits we had the opportunity to broaden our knowledge and work with experts in software development.

On behalf of the team working on the PW-Sat2 project we would like to express our gratitude to Future Processing Sp. z o.o. and FP Instruments Sp. z o.o. for the cooperation and technical assistance as well as the onboard computer. We hope that thanks to this cooperation the mission of the satellite PW-Sat2 will end successfully.