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Since 2018, work on the PW-Sat3 satellite has been underway, the main goal of which is to test a self-developed warm-gas propulsion system. Once again, the team is focusing on solving the problem of space debris. Before deorbitation, other orbital manoeuvres will also be performed, and the AOCS (satellite orientation control system) designed by us will be tested together with horizon sensors.

The PW-Sata3 launch is planned for the first quarter of 2024.


The main goal of the project is to train the experienced satellite engineers who will support the Polish space market.

Inna Uwarowa, coordinator of the PW-Sat2 project

PW-Sat3 experiments
During the PW-Sat3 mission we will test our custom solutions

of space technologies
in a volume of 3 litres
engaged members
over 60 since the beginning
of buthane propellant
to perform station-keeping and deorbit manoeuvres
over the Earth
will orbit PW-Sat3 in 2024
Our partners
Since beginning of the project in 2018 we've received a lot of support ❤️