COM Team has the task of preparing our satellite to send and receive signals from ground station.

Antena stacji naziemnej na gmachu wydziału EiTI

The ground station antenna on the rooftop of the EiTI Faculty building

The communication module is one of the most important elements of every satellite. It allows to observe the state of all the ssystems by analysing the telemetry it sends. Our module is an off-the-shelf component, manufactured by the ISIS company. DownLink – the frequency on which we will recive the satellite’s signal – will be 435,275 MHz.

Communication module will contain 2 omnidirectional half-duplex antennas that will be deployed just after the satellite’s entry into the orbit. Expected strength of the signal recieved on the Earth will be around -120dBm. For PW-Sat2 operation from Earth we will be using a radio station located on the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of the Warsaw University of Technology (EiTI). The ground station is equipped with ICOM IC-910H transceiver and dwo cross Yaga antennas 145 and 430MHz bands.

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