After Phase “0” Workshop and finalizing Phase “0” documentation we were able to create first teams for our satellite project. Previously we were working all together for prepare the very beginning assumptions for the project. Now when the amount of tasks are growing and the topics became more specified it is necessary to impart in smaller groups.

Consequently the list of teams is as follows:

ADCS Attitude Determination and Control System Team responsible for the ADCS module (magnetometers, magnetorques, attitude control realization, control algorithms)
CAM Cameras Team responsible for the Cam1 and Cam2 (camera1, camera2, components, data handing)
COMM Communication Team responsible for the communication module (antennas, communication module, frequency allocation, telemetry, telecommands)
DT Deployment Structures Team responsible for the deorbitation structure and solar arrays deployment system (deorbitation system design, testing and manufacturing)
EPS Electrical Power System Team responsible for the EPS module (batteries, solar cells, power budget, APS module, power scenarios)
GS Ground Station Team responsible for the Ground Station (Ground Station organization)
MA Mission Analysis Team responsible for satellite mission analysis, dynamics simulations, launch opportunities
OBC On-Board Computer Team responsible for the on-board computer-OBC (data handing , OBC module, software)
PR Public Relations/promotion team Team responsible for public relations and project promotion
SunS Sun Sensor Team responsible for the Sun sensor experiment organization (Sun Sensor testing stand, Sun Sensor manufacturing)
TCS Thermal Control System Team responsible for the thermal control system ( system design, MLI, thermal models)

Every team consist of 3 to 6 members. Few members are working in couple of teams at the same time. Till some of the teams still haven’t got a lot of work it’s possible to reconcile in more than one team.

The list of teams presented above is not complete for the whole project. With the time we will consequently create such teams as: Structure, Configuration, etc. Therefore we will need new more people to handle with all tasks, which amount will increase.