Przedstawiciele PW-Sata2 na IAC 2015. Od lewej Inna Uwarowa - koordynator projektu, Ewelina Ryszawa - lider zespołu DT, Artur Łukasik - wicekoordynator projektu.

Representation of PW-Sat2 at IAC 2015
From left – Inna Uwarowa, Project Coordinator, Ewelina Ryszawa, Deployment Team leader, Artur Łukasik, Project vice coordinator

Jerusalem is hosting one of the most important events … the International Astronautical Congress IAC 2015. Among numerous lectures and presentations there are two ones important for us, the PW-Sat2 team.

On Tuesday, October 12, our Project Coordinator, Inna Uwarowa, during Space Education and Outreach Symposium, gave a presentation titled “The Educational Aspects of Polish Student Satellite PW-Sat2”. It described the results of the project in education of a group of young engineers.

PW-Sat2 z otwartym żaglem deorbitacyjnym. Autor: Marcin Świetlik

PW-Sat2 with sail fully deployed. Credit: Marcin Świetlik

The second presentation, on Thursday, was given by Ewelina Ryszawa. Titled “Design and development of the deorbit system for microsatellites”, it described the deorbitation sail and its deployment mechanism. The paper was written with collaboration with Maciej Kania and Mateusz Sobiecki, the members of DT (Deployment Team).

Participating in IAC 2015 is a valuable chance for us to grow and make new contacts. We hope to find, among the lecturers, guests of the IAC and members of the biggest space exploration institutions, people interested in idea of satellite deorbitation, CubeSat development and Polish space industry. We are proud and happy to show our project during the IAC.

Translated by: Mieszko Guliński