We’ve been invited to the Polish Embassy in Rome recently. On November 24 we had a chance to take part in the official Copernicus programme meeting and to listen to few presentations regarding Polish and Italian participance in the largest ESA’s Earth observation programme. The same day in the morning we met with the CubeSat team from La Sapienza University.

Na pierwszym planie nasz nowo wydrukowany przez Rapid Crafting model 3D PW-Sata2.

Rapid Crafting’s newly printed 3D model of PW-Sat2.

During the visit at La Sapienza University we had a chance to see the laboratories and ground station, that are used by local CubeSat team. We’ve been talking about our projects and expressed our will to cooperate in the future.

Later in the afternoon we took part in the official meeting of Copernicus representatives from Poland and Italy in the Polish Embassy. Among them there were our scientific supervisor prof. Piotr Wolański and president of Polish Space Agency prof. Marek Banaszkiewicz.

Nasza delegacja oraz prof. Piotr Wolański w Ambasadzie RP

We and prof. Piotr Wolański in Polish Embassy in Rome

We would like to warmly thank the Polish Embassy in Rome for inviting us to the Eternal City and for such kind reception. We hope to meet again in as friendly atmosphere as this week.