We are very pleased to announce that PW-Sat2 project has been granted with 180 000 € bailout. We are grateful to Ministry of Science and Hihger Education for this New Year gift. Funds will be used to finance PW-Sat2 satellite launch into space. Money has been transferred to European Space Agency, in a form of increased contribution, paid by Ministry of Development. Then it shall come to us, as monetary means, in a frame of PECS program.

Funds come from international, scientific cooperation program budget and, in part, from means intended to finance contributions for international organizations and institutes.

Część zespołu PW-Sat2 podczas warsztatów z firmą Piasecka&Żylewicz 10 stycznia 2016

Part of the PW-Sat2 team during the workshop with Piasecka&Żylewicz on 9 Jan 2016

Probably, in a short time, PW-Sat2 project will get access to mentioned funds. Unfortunately, it is beyond our knowledge if this amount of money will be sufficient to finish building the satellite and to conduct test campaign.

Cost attributable to sending CubeSat standard satellite (small satellite) like PW-Sat2 oscillate between 140 000 – 200 000 € and depends mainly on launch provider offer. Process of selection of contractor is still not finished and related place of launching satellite into space is not chosen. Countries taken into consideration, as a place of this act, we can list as follows: USA, France, Russia, Ukraine, China, Japan, Netherlands, Italy and Brazil. However it is hard to evaluate the final cost of sending satellite on Earth orbit because of significant turbulence on rocket market.

But launching satellite is not the only cost. Earlier we must finance further building proces of PW-Sat2 and necessary test campaign. For this reason, despite great help from Ministry of Science and Higher Education, we are still in search of new ways to finance PW-Sat2 project. We are looking for Partners that would like to back our efforts and such remarkable initiative as PW-Sat2 satellite.

Soon, on our website, will appear information concerning recent works conducted on PW-Sat2. We passionately encourage everyone to follow it. Nowadays we are testing new important components which have arrived in last weeks. There is a a huge chance, that it will be possible to announce a strict date of launching of PW-Sat2 in the near future. Our estimations and negotiations with launch providers indicate that PW-Sat2 will reach Low Earth Orbit in first or second quarter of 2017.

We want to thank, from all of ours hearts, Ministry of Science and Higher Education and all magnificent people involved in helping the PW-Sat2 mission. Now when we have more or less exact date of launch, we must accomplish, build and test our satellite at most till the end of the 2016.