The representation of PW-Sat2 team participated in Deorbit Device Competition, which took place during the UNISEC-Global Meeting. We are glad to inform that PW-Sat2’s deorbit sail won the second place, gaining committee’s and participants’ recognition and applaud.

Once again we would like to thank the Embassy of Poland in Sofia for support during our travel to the conference. We are also grateful to the Dean of The Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering for financing our stay in Bulgaria.

Reprezentacja zespołu PW-Sat2 podczas Deorbit Device Competition w 2016 r. w Bułgarii.

Representation of PW-Sat2 team during 2016’s Deorbit Device Competition in Bulgaria.

During the conference, the project coordinator Inna Uwarowa gave a presentation titeled Deorbit Sail for PW-Sat2 satellite mission – low energy consumption and high efficiency system. 3D-printed model of the satellite and full-size prototype of the deorbit sail were shown on a stage. The presentation was complementary to an article, wrote by several members of the team.

Model 3D PW-Sata2 wydrukowany dzięki wsparciu Laboratorium Szybkiego Prototypowania WIP PW.

3D printed model of PW-Sat2

In the first stage of the competition, that ended on the September 1st, 2016, the main object was to prepare detailed description of proposed device, including i.e. effectiveness analysis, mechanical project and presentation of system ‘s reliability. The committee of experts from around the world analyzed received abstracts of articles and chose 10 finalists – among them the PW-Sat2’s deorbit sail. Our project was recognized for its high effectiveness, good technical design and reliable analyses.

10 teams participated in the final session of the competition, presenting its original solutions to the large audience. The main prize was awarded to the design of Membrane Deployment de-orbit System by convex tapes with a surface of 0.6m2 from the University in Nihon, Japan. Ex aequo with our team, the second place won project entitled Development of a solid-state inflation balloon for aerodynamic drag assisted deorbit of CubeSat from the University of Arkansas.

During the conference we had the opportunity to meet student’s teams and experts involved in the topic of deorbit devices. We expanded or net of contacts and made new, interesting acquitances.

We can say without doubts that the deorbit deorbit device industry, although young, will significantly develop over the next few years.

Reprezentacja PW-Sata2 przed Ambasadą Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej w Sofii z p. Elżbietą Świtalską.

PW-Sat2’s team representation with Ms. Elżbieta Świtalska in front of the Embassy of Poland in Sofia.

Article’s title: Deorbit Sail for PW-Sat2 satellite mission – low energy consumption and high efficiency system

Article’s authors*: Inna Uwarowa, Katarzyna Ciechowska, Kamil Gajc, Maksymilian Gawin, Maciej Kania, Piotr Kuligowski, Artur Łukasik, Daria Pączkowska, Filip Perczyński, Krzysztof Pilarski, Dominik Roszkowski, Ewelina Ryszawa, Mateusz Sobiecki.

Key words: Deorbit sail, CubeSat, Low energy, Flat springs

Presentation to download: 2016-10-19-pw-sat2_ddc_presentation.pdf

* – in alphabetical order except Inna Uwarowa