Vacations, vacations… but our project is still going on – further tests were performed, new elements were ordered and every day new lines of code are written. In April we’ve finished preparing documentation summarizing Phase A of building the satellite – it means, that both mission assumptions and concept of design, or even some prototypes, are prepared and evidenced. On Documentation page of this website You can find a document called Preliminary Requirements Review – both in English and Polish. For the astute readers, who would find any mistake or inexactness, please do not hesitate to contact us. Further news about the project You can find down below.


At the end of July we focused on Sun Sensor tests. Thanks to LLT company, we could use very powerful light source for measuring behaviour of the sensor. All of experiments went well, so we could verify algorithms and solar cells that we are using. Time permitting, we will share with you short video summarizing this tests.

Significant actions were performed also to the most precious part of PW-Sat2 – deorbitation sail. Apart from many on-Earth tests, We managed to place the sail under the gondola of  stratospherical balloon called Strzybog (from Balloon division of SKA), which soared into the sky on 3th of July. The sail was deployed on the height of several  /  few dozen kilometres and was used to collect micrometeorites within the PARTICULA 3 experiment.

Prototyp żagla jako element eksperymentu Particula 3

Sail prototype in Particula 3 experiment


Press Kit visualization

When it comes to software, we are not loafing, definitely. Vacations are important, but the code will not write and debug  itself stand-alone, so we keep working. Apart from On-board Computer, we developed many algorithms from stabilization system or Electrical Power System.

During last few months we’re cooperating with magnificent teenager – Dima Romanov. Thanks to him, we can brag about very nice and professional visualizations of our satellite. You can find them in Press Release division and in many places when someone writes about us. We are also working on publishing information bulletin about PW-Sat2 in elegant and clearly arranged form. Essentially, project of the bulletin is ready, but for printing it we need some financial resources.

We managed to create PW-Sat2 quote on the Polish Wikipedia. You are welcome to read the article and supplement some information based on our documentation 🙂

Translated by Patryk Oleniuk