Team PW-Sat3

PW-Sat3 is the third satellite designed by members of Students’ Space Association located in Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology. In our team older, experienced students work together with younger ones who have just started exploration of space. PW-Sat3 connects people from varies faculties of the university.

Process of designing a satellite requires knowledge about many different fields of science and technology, like mechanics, electronics and informatics. This is why it is so important for our team to be that diverse.

Project coordinators
I support the team members responsible for the mechanical design of the satellite

Krzysztof Zając

Technical coordinator
I supervise the work of electronics and software teams and take care of contact with satellite subsystems suppliers

Jakub Olesz

Technical coordinator
I take care of the financial and administrative matters, maintain the flow of information in the project and support and motivate the team.

Magdalena Mącik

Project coordinator
Team leaders

Marcin Pulik

Ex project coordinator

Kamil Siemionek

I am involved in spacecraft control system development

Szymon Jarczewski

AOCS coordinator
I'm in charge of propulsion development

Kacper Kordek

Propulsion subsystem coordinator
I perform thermal analyses and am responsible for preparing and carrying out thermal tests of the satellite

Paulina Kucharczyk

Top fan fanpage'a PW-Sat
I take care of mission analysis, orbital maneuvers and deorbiting.

Maciej Markul

Mission Analysis Team Leader
Team members

Aneta Trocha

Software developer
I take part in development of the horizon sensor subsystem

Marek Polewski

Member of Mission Analysis team
I conduct deorbitation simulations and study impact of space debris on our mission

Kacper Kidała SP8ESA

Kamil Koszarski

Termal engineer
I am responsible for conducting thermal analysis of the satellite

Szymon Jóźwiak

I design and assemble the electronics for the PW-Sat3 mission

Grzegorz Śliwiński

I deal with the design and manufacture of PCBs for the STM model, as well as the preparation of the controller for thermal tests

Jakub Paziewski

Propulsion and Configuration Team Member
I deal with tasks related to the propulsion and configuration of the satellite

Tobiasz Fic

I write software for communications and geo-location systems

Jacek Prokopczuk

AOCS team member
I develop fault detection subsystem

Paweł Senda

Propulsion and Configuration Team Member
I deal with tasks related to the propulsion and configuration of the satellite

Piotr Antczak

Propulsion Team member
I am responsible for conducting propulsion system tests. Problems are my speciality!

Jakub Murawski

Propulsion, Configuration and TCS member
I am involved in propulsion system development and its integration

Członkowie PW-Sat3 szykujący się do startu w Ośrodku Badań Lotniczych PW. OBLot 🛰️