European launcher Vega, on board which PW-Sat will sail to orbit, began its journey from Europe to French Guiana. Elements of rockets – Zefiro 23 and Zefiro-9 engines and the fourth stage – were constructed in Avio plants (Italy). Now, protected and packed in sealed boxes, are hosted onboard the MN Colibri vessel, previously used for the transport of the Ariane rocket.

The Colibri first stop on the route will be Rotterdam, where additional elements of Vega and the Italian satellite LARES are going to be loaded on board. Then the ship will cross the Atlantic, heading for the South American port of Cayenne. While at Cayenne, the precious cargo will go directly to the spaceport in Kourou – now by land. The first stage of Vega rocket is already there, waiting for the new cargo from Europe.